Wind Energy



small island with house and wind turbine




Wind Power is Easy!

Generating your own electricity from the wind is very straight forwards.

Whether you decide to go the DIY route or hire the professionals, this is something that you can have up and running quickly.

The basic principles behind wind power are very simple as a wind turbine works in very similar way to an electric fan. Instead of using electricity to turn the fan blades and make wind, you use the wind to turn the blades of a wind turbine to make electricity. Actually, its even possible to use an electric fan as a basic wind turbine!

Electricity is generated by the blades rotating a shaft that has wire coils attached to it, inside a magnetic field. This is what makes the electricity and it is a simple and efficient way to generate electricity for your home or business.



What Do I Need?

Wind turbine, renewable energy source for every home.

Getting wind power is very simple. All you need is a wind turbine and grid tie inverter to start feeding electricity into your home.

If you wish to store electricity for the days that there is little or no wind, then you will also need some deep cycle batteries and a charge controller to ensure that the batteries are not over charged and kept in optimum condition.

You can either install your turbine yourself or get it done professionally. Either way, you will have free electricity for years to come. Wind turbines are ideal for places that get plenty of windy and you can have free electricity for years to come. Your investment will pay for itself many times over.

If you decide to install your own system then we can help you to find suppliers that can provide everything you need, delivered direct to your door.

Alternatively, if you would like to call in the wind energy professionals for a quick and easy installation we can help you find recommended installers in your area, who can complete the job for you quickly and effortlessly.




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